ReLANpro Sign is the world’s only “All-Digital” Sign language lab offering real-time, two-way video communication between teacher & student and student & student. It includes separate teacher video and student video windows and has the ability to record, replay and compare both recordings simultaneously.

A variable-speed video playback function allows teachers and students to reduce playback speed if they want to closely view the recordings - ideal for both receptive and expressive language practice.

Students are offered full screen or small screen viewing options and the teacher can use All Call Video allowing all of the students to see the teacher signing to them for instructional purposes.

ReLANpro Sign offers Model Student Video (allowing all students to see an individual student’s example) and Visual Pairing, which allows students to sign to each other in selected pairs. Up to four students can participate in a group videoconference.

Teachers are able to:


Teachers can select: