Learn any language, from any location, at any time. Learning a language still hinges on an ability to practise your new skills as often as possible.

ReLANpro.NET is a web-based learning tool that allows students 24/7 access to online multimedia materials. Teachers use ReLANpro.NET to create and upload authentic materials (text, visual, audio & video), homework, quizzes, projects and other coursework. These files are stored on the content server provided by ReLANpro. ReLANpro.NET is available for any school, even if you do not presently have a language lab.

The ReLANpro.NET offers the same recording capabilities as their school lab as well. Students can answer questions or respond verbally to dialogues teachers have placed in folders for them to retrieve when at home or traveling. Students can compare their voice recordings to those of native speakers and re-record their answers over their original recordings in an attempt to perfect their important pronunciation and comprehension skills.

It offers a perfect tool to prepare for oral examinations, presentations and assessments.

  ReLANpro.NET Student Recorder
The ReLANpro.NET content server can include your schools pre-authored teaching materials or customized materials authored by teachers, which are then uploaded to the server via an easy to use menu.

There is no need for pre-recorded exercises. They can use all available windows’ driven audio and video material to enhance their speaking skills; an ingenious but simple “Create Gap” button creates, in real time, the response gaps needed for language lab use.
Any school or business can allow their self-motivated students to improve their language skills by using ReLANpro.NET.
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Please call us to arrange a personalized introduction to this truly unique language learning tool, Language learning finally went global.