Interactive Pairing Activities Curriculum (IPAC), has been distinctively designed to both engage and empower language learners. The wide range of communication themes has been chosen to interest learners while providing them with exposure to a diverse array of topics. The organizational layout creates a learner-centered structure for language acquisition via interaction. By modifying input and forming questions and answers, students learn to create with the target language as they interact with their language partners. The activities have been written based upon the guidelines set forth by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


  • wide array of topics that cover the four domains or spheres of action from CEFR: personal, public, occupational and educational
  • unique visual framework for each activity provides a structure that is modifiable so that learners can create in the target language to express themselves
  • certain activities are specifically written for language and cultural exchanges via desktop videoconferencing with native speakers in the target language
  • curriculum targets speaking, listening, writing and reading to promote a functional knowledge of the target language
  • sample sentences provide comprehensible input to help learners acquire form and structure
  • question and answer format converts passive learners into active ones
  • task-based activities foster negotiation as speakers interact to work together (to solve problems, reach an agreement, frame an issue, etc.)
  • reflection activities guide students’ evaluation of their linguistic progress and cultural knowledge
  • complex topics or tasks are broken down into manageable components for learners of all levels


Benefits for Educators

  • increased motivation to teach using communicative activities that are both engaging and successful
  • resource for effective learning activities
  • topics and activities designed to help learners achieve higher levels of the Common European Framework (and consequently help schools meet standards and requirements)
  • provides content for courses that is contemporary and dynamic


Benefits for Learners

  • increased motivation to learn and interact in the target language
  • exposure to language that is current and practical
  • receive linguistic and lexical support necessary to create in the second language (L2)
  • increased confidence in L2
  • high interest topics engage learners and facilitate intercultural exploration
  • participate in a global community
  • gain fresh perspectives while learning about beliefs and practices from another culture
  • communication strategies enable learners to express themselves with a higher degree of fluency and spontaneity


Interactive Pairing Activities Curriculum (IPAC)